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PakAviator 08-16-2005 04:51 PM

White spots on Dash Board
Hi, I am new to this forum; I just bought a Brand New Honda Civic VTI with full Leather interior. Wanted to get rid of my old car, it's a Daihatsu Charade 89 (diesel, bought it in my student time) the problem is old dash is gray in color and has white spots, very small so the real gray is not very clear.

Car was not cared for at all, as it was my second car, soon to be 3rd. just wanted to know is there any kind of Polish or solvent that I can use to give it a good new look, by the way I am in Pakistan so there are not many products in the market, the ones which are there, are mostly from Thailand or Taiwan so not very popular. I was hoping for something home made or may be if commercial something which I can find in the local market.

If not, may be you can recommend some solvent combo which I can use to make something close to your product. Basically looking for a temporary solution till I sell the car.

Forrest T. 08-16-2005 08:23 PM

Re: White spots on Dash Board
You want to remove the "white spots" from the dash pad?

It would help to know what the white spots are made of - any idea?

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