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Default Re: Removing mildew from convertible top

Unfortunately, mildew-specific products aren't our specialty.

I can confirm what you already know... you've got a problem.

I think you had the right idea, though... visit a boating supply store and see what they can recommend for removing mildew stains from vinyl. Likely you can at least minimize the appearance of the stains. Be sure to follow the directions and be careful to not abrade the vinyl by rubbing too aggressively or with a brush that is too stiff.

Or check with a boat or automotive detailer in the area as they learn tricks of the trade, and should be able to do the best job possible without causing more problems for you.

If you decide to tackle it yourself... from what I've been able to find out, you should refrain from any chlorine product, as those are most likely to cause more harm than good. Problem is, traditional methods for removing mildew from surfaces usually also mean hot water and high pressure -- neither of which should be used on your top.

Be sure to test any product on an inconspicous place, perhaps on a hidden edge of a tonneau cover if there is one.

You should regularly clean your top and use a vinyl dressing. This two-step process should help prevent future invasions.

Hopefully someone else with mildew stain experience can share any solution that may have worked for them.

Good luck!
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