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Default Re: paint in scooter tired weathered and faded-light scratching

thanks for the reply. the headlight doesnt have much wear. you can see inside the housing no problem but not as clear as it was. Id rather not use the sanding paper. once you go down that road, thats it, the non stop maintenance happens.

regarding paint. I need something VERY mild to take the oxidation out and smooth the clear coat to make it smooth. it has minor scratches and tons of swirl marks. the painted parts are plastic and need something that wont strip the paint as Ill be using it with the orbital sander. does the carnauba wax have any cleaner in it or is simply to add protection/shine?

curious regarding this item vs step 1 and harshness/abrasiveness.
California Gold® Micro-Polishing Glaze – Step 2

this is a chines bike and im not so sure regarding quality of the paint and thickness. Im just trying to hold onto what it has. the scooter is 8 years old.
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