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Default paint in scooter tired weathered and faded-light scratching

I do a wash with some turtle wax soap for cars and then I use mothers Carnauba wax paste in a can. regarding the wax, it has cracked into pieces. is it still ok to use?

my other question is regarding the shine. doesnt seem to get as shiny as it should. its ok, but seems weathered. removing the wax isnt so easy and afterwards isnt so smooth and oily feeling like when you touch your smartphone screen.

reading on the net, rubbing compound was recommended. what compound would you recommend?

not looking to invest in tons of things so please recommend 1 single item that would help.

btw, I was looking for a headlight fade remover product and saw meguirs plastix. what garbage stuff. it didnt do a thing for the headlight. not a **** minute change. so my concern is not to buy a product that wont work.

I will be using a skil 5" orbital sander and terry cloth/foam attachments I bought through ebay.

btw, sorry to say, but your site is a bit on old school, sorry that it offends but I cant right click on the "products" tab (or any of the tabs, including the mothers red tab which allows me to go to the main page)to open in a new window. but you know that. just being observing, because thats not good site navigation design . I have to open a new tab and retype the site.
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