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Default Re: 1989 Regal Velocity

Welcome to Wax Forum!

That's some boat!

It's heavily oxidized as you know, and your results will be speculative.

Evidentally, the lower portion that is yellow is supposed to be white!

If you're familiar with a high-speed rotary and a wool cutting pad, or know someone who is, you might want to try our Professional Heavy Duty Rubbing Compound #81232 (quart) or #81238 (gallon) at a low RPMs of about 1500. You'll probably go through two quarts.

If that doesn't cut through the oxidation, you'll probably have to wetsand the gelcoat and follow with compounding.

After you remove the oxidation, come back and use our Mothers Marine Synthetic Wax, #91556 with a PowerBall 4Paint #05147.

You might want to seek a professional to get her into shape.

Professional Heavy Duty Rubbing Compound #81232 (quart) or #81238 (gallon)

Mothers Marine Synthetic Wax, #91556

PowerBall 4Paint #05147
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