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Default Alternate Detail Guide

I hope my good friend at Admin does not mind my posting this, and it is not really in competition, as this is a strictly Australian site, and the products are only available here.

As I have mentioned often, the bane of my car work is access to quality Microfibre cloths.

The Mothers importers here in Oz do not take the Mothers range of MF, and I can understand and live with that, as importing is indeed an expensive thing, so the car care product range, which they take in full is enough for me.

However, access to quality MF while a little difficult sees that some MF are available, but you need to access sites that do take them, as the range in car care retail outlets is quite limited, and even that other 'M' brand has an extremely limited availability of their MF range as well.

However, there is one Australian car car range that does have quality MF, and they are available in one outlet here in Oz, AutObarn, which has no affiliations with the U.S. company of the same name.

That Car care product range is in fact based here in my home State of Queensland, and they are Bowden's Own. They do have a good range of quality MF, and in fact one that is a bit of a sleeper, that I have not seen in many other places.

That is their Glass Microfibre. It's unlike any other MF in that it has a different weave, texture, and feel, but on glass, it is the bee's knees. I have never used a MF that is this good on glass.

I sent the link to the site along to my good friend kbshadow, and he found something at their site which I had totally missed whenever I looked at their site, and in actual fact, after viewing it, I think I must be slipping up in my old age. Fancy missing this.

They have a Detail Guide, a little similar to the one at the Mothers site, only this one with a distinctly Australian aspect.

There was even an occasion where I actually looked at the products, nyuk nyuk nyuk, and you'll see what I mean.

This is the link to that Detail Guide at the Bowden's Own site.

When the site opens up, just click on each individual image for how best to use the product in question.

This is the link to that glass MF.

Gives a whole new meaning to auto detailing. Thanks kbshadow. Great find. See, us old guys do know 'stuff'.

Also, this Company has a monster garage of some of the original and most famous racing cars from Australia's long racing history. Only some of those cars are shown at the following link, and as the link opens up, some of those cars will scroll across the top of the screen. Just click on the car of your choice, and it will open up in the main window.

Link to Car Collection.

For our friend at Admin, there are some beautiful Ford's in this collection. If you take the time to fill out some extra details at that car collection link, it will take you to a further site where extensive details are available on each of those wonderful racing sedans from the rich history of Australian motor sport.


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