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Default Re: Fiberglass Travel Trailer

Great looking camper trailer! And welcome to

To remove the remaining oxidation, I'd suggest our 08612 Professional Rubbing Compound and 08712 Professional Finishing Polish. You'll need a machine (ideally a DA buffer) with the appropriate pads.

I'd start with the Finishing Polish a try with a polishing pad - the old adage "start with the least aggressive method first" is good advice.

If that doesn't work to your satisfaction, step up to the Rubbing Compound on a cutting pad and then follow with the Finishing Polish with a finishing pad. Slow even passes with both products, and go up/down/ and left right alternating. Rewax afterwards.

These are specialty type products and can be difficult to find. Amazon stocks both of them if you have trouble finding them locally.

Let us know how that works.
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