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Default Re: How to Choose the Proper Wheel Polish

Originally Posted by admin View Post

Bare (polished) Aluminum and Billet -- Requiring the most maintenance of any rim finish, the payoff is an unmatched, brilliant shine. Aluminum is a relatively soft alloy that oxidizes from exposure to the environment, dulling the finish over time.

Any tips to add? Please post them below.

I've had my tough share of woes in caring for bare aluminum. My wheels have a polished lip and water spots form almost after every washed if not dried immediately. Sometimes, when I've dried it and drove out, water starts to creep out of the crevices of the wheel and together with the heat and brake dust, forms a really eye irritating water spot on the finish.

A lot of times, I spend a lot of effort polishing the polished aluminum lip of the mag only to have water spots form on them after the next wash.

I had to find a way to prevent them and I have found a solution.

It's pretty simple. I wax them using a two step system. I first wax them with Mothers Carnauba Cleaner Wax, let it stand for five minutes then buff it off. After all the wheels, I follow up with Mothers Pure Carnauba Wax, let it stand for five minutes the buff it off.

The water beads on the surface and resists water spotting. If water spots do occur, it occurs on top of the wax and not on the aluminum itself making it easy to wipe off with a microfiber towel and a spritz of Showtime.

I maintain it after every wash with Mothers FX Spray Wax.

My maintenance schedule is as follows:

Two step wax with CCW and PCW - monthly
FX spray wax - after every wash
Mothers Mag and Aluminum polish - tri-monthly

Now, maintaining my rims is easier than ever.

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