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Default External Trim Work Up With Back To Black

Some of you may wonder why the same people keep coming back here and saying almost the same things, and Iím one who is guilty of that, but over the years, things like this are worth repeating, if only to give insight to some of our more recent visitors to this Forum.

When working up external trims, Back To Black, (B2B for future reference) or Naturally Black as itís called outside of the U.S. is one product in the whole Mothers range that is always worth revisiting, both for its use, and also in the information that can be imparted via this Forum.

Now, thatís not meant in any way to allude to a perception that there are sometimes difficulties with the use of this product, because, used correctly, that perception is easily overcome. In all the time I have used it, B2B has never been a problem, so itís sometimes a little puzzling for me to hear that some do have minor problems with its use.

So thatís why I will always post about my experiences with it, and in that way, it might be of assistance to others.

To that end, Ill do this Thread and follow up Posts in the form of a tutorial, not to repeat myself, but to explain in some depth what can be achieved.

The main thing to keep in mind here is that not all the materials used for trims are equal. Some are textured, and with different variations of texture, and even though appearing similar, are in fact different. Some are smooth and shiny, while some appear matte, and for the purposes of this exercise, Iím only dealing here with external trim.

Also worth keeping in mind here is the fact that using B2B is not a Ďcureí that will return faded trim to looking new and keeping it that way. Just like with the carís painted surface, it requires regular upkeep.

The Sun will fade trim, and some will fade more visibly than others, so, again, regular maintenance is required and even though the appearance comes back to a Ďnewí look, that trim will again revert to the faded colour over time. I would think that regular maintenance, from the showroom, would keep that trim in a pristine condition, but if left to the point where it has started to fade, then you have left it too long.

Our car is a Holden Astra, and keep in mind here that this car is now 9 years old, and I have had it now for only half that time, so any fading on our carís trim was already well underway.

On this car, there are numerous different trims, so this gives me some insight into how to Ďhandleí those different varieties of trim, and I will try and cover Ďall the basesí with the next posts.


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