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Default Re: External Trim Work Up With Back To Black

This work on the trims needs to be done at a specific point in time, of the full work up. Wash the car first, and then to get the paint back to ‘baseline’, run the clay bar over the painted surfaces.

We have had some fairly constant rain and shower events for the last few weeks, so this was the first time I could get to do the full work up. As I now only have a single garage, the room in there is not as much as I did have, The day was overcast and cool, so I moved the car onto the driveway, and did the work there.

Because all the trims are flush up against the paint, you are going to get the B2B on the painted surface around all those trims. Have no worries about this, because after completion, run over that painted surface around the trims with a MF cloth, and the smearing comes right off completely, keeping in mind that you are working up the paint next. This application of B2B at this stage then makes it easier to work up the paint, and even if you get the ‘white stuff on the black stuff’, have a damp terry cloth handy and the white stuff on the black stuff just wipes straight off.


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