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Default Re: External Trim Work Up With Back To Black

After doing these trims, I then moved along to the area at the base of the windscreen. This trim area was again different to the ones just completed, and there were a couple of differing trim materials here as well. It still required some massaging but this was a job more easy to do than those first areas. I also did the wiper blade supports as well.

Then I did the remaining trims, in the main, smooth and some even shiny trims. These required no further application of B2B, as the existing dampness in that terry cloth was sufficient for this. Some trims even smeared as that dampness was applied, but running over those trims with a dry terry removed those smears, and even though the perception is removing what has just been applied, it did come up darker than it was.

Now, just to make sure, I went over those side trims again with a dry terry cloth. The appearance on that cloth was that nothing much ‘looked’ to be happening, but even so, there was still something being removed.

Then, after doing all this I parked the car back in the garage and left it for the remainder of that day, and then overnight.

The next day was also overcast and cool, so I again put the car in the driveway, and went over those side trims only with Protectant. This was used in the same manner as the B2B, only did not need to be massaged in anywhere near as thoroughly as the original application of B2B.

Some may say that this would ‘seem’ to be overkill, but the trims came up a real treat all around.


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