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Default Mothers and Mothers California Gold...Is there a difference?

Hello Everyone,

I apologize in advance for asking what is probably a stupid question. However, I am confused. It seems as if there are tiers of Mothers products and I cannot find anything on google or the website to explain it.

So there are:
Mothers Classic
Mothers California Gold
Mothers Power (Self Explanatory)
Mothers Speed
Mothers Marine (Obviously can be excluded from this conversation)
Mothers Professional

Now I have no doubt that Mothers Professional is the best. However, I have a brand new car that I want to keep detailed and looking nice with the reliable and quality brand of Mothers. But, what is better? I am hoping some discernment can be advised, this is at least not the Mothers vs Meguiers conversation! How would you rank the above lines and why? Is Classic a better quality than California Gold or vice versa? I am ready to purchase my entire line of products but really needed to hear from the Mothers faithful first.

Thanks in advance,
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