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Just to clarify, fresh paint or paint that is not yet cured should not be waxed -- usually for up to 90 days -- no matter the brand of wax.

There's a lot of confusion about silicones, often because of the many types of silicones used in products -- the low quality of some silicones in some products doesn't help. Not all silicones are bad, in other words.

But wax by its nature really shouldn't be used no matter the brand anywhere near paint prep -- too much risk of airborne contamination from a vehicle "being detailed" to a vehicle going into paint, or an air intake. Even a good breeze could bring up dust and cause problems.

On the other side of the coin, taking appropriate standard precautionary measures before painting -- that is, using Prep Sol to remove wax for example, is all you need for any of our products that may be on the vehicle prior to painting.

After painting and sanding and polishing, you can use our Professional Hand Glaze or our California Gold Sealer & Glaze for gloss and protection without fear of disrupting the curing process.

We do have some Professional line literature that may be informative for you:

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