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Default Re: Are Drive-thru car washes a bad idea?


Hot button topic here in Australia too, let me tell you.
I feel somewhat reassured by your comments regarding the Laser Wash, drive in, park and the water and soap is the moving part.
That's the one closest to where I live, and the one that I use.

Now that I'm more aware of REALLY caring for my car, I'm struggling with the thought of eventually ending up doing the job myself, either with Mothers Cal Gold and a few buckets or that instant one and do the job inside my own garage.

The thing that makes me feel a little trepidation now at the Laser Wash is the high pressure of the water, and the possible damage it may, (or even may not) cause. Ours has an added extra. The manager has employed a young guy to work in conjunction with the washing unit with a bucket and a mitt, but seeing the age of the mitt, and the fact that it must have already done up to twenty or so cars prior to mine, I pass on that little extra, but I still feel slightly uncomfortable with the pressure.

Afterwards I move into a vacant parking slot and use a couple of bath towels to dry the car, and after watching me do this a couple of times, the manager approached me and asked what products I used as he noticed that I was becoming a regular there, something that is rapidly coming to a close.

After drying, I drive the 2 KM home do a final dry off and then give it some spray wax, Reflections in my case.

The cost of the wash is also a little disconcerting, at $18.00 and when you take into account the exchange rate, that's about $13.00 US, so that once a week is starting to tug at the wallet a little.

The bullet will have to be bitten sooner or later.
Just like you say, it's personal preference, and the spinning brushes in the tunnels of doom that we once thought was great are now but a distant nightmare.


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