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Tire & Wheel Care Whether you have hubcaps, clearcoated factory alloy, or custom wheels worth thousands, you'll want them to look their best. Metal polishing is also discussed here.

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Old 06-15-2010
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Default Matte Tire Contest

Last week I thought I would try out on my wife's Honda CR-V four different tire dressings that are generally characterized as matte or low gloss: Mother's Reflections Tire Care, Showroom FX White Pearl Tire & Trim Dressing, Surf City Garage Beyond Black, and Duragloss 253 Tire and Rubber Dressing

I cleaned and brushed the tires, applied each dressing with a tire sponge, and then moved the car and attended to the bald spot. All dressings were easy to apply, though Beyond Black tends to be a little runnier than the others. I waited 30 minutes and then gently went over each tire with a dry sponge to remove any excess, of which there was very little, if any.

I then asked my wife to walk around the car with me and to judge each tire by gloss and blackness. We looked at the tires outside under the noonday sun and in the garage. My wife has a much better eye for these kind of judgments than I do.

Mother's Reflections Tire Care

Reflections gives the most natural look of the four. It is both the least glossy and the least black. If you are looking for a truly matte dressing, this is the one you want. Reflections has been my favorite tire dressing since I discovered it a year ago.

Duragloss 253 Tire and Rubber Dressing

The Duragloss is a touch glossier than Reflections, as well as a touch more black.

Surf City Garage Beyond Black

Beyond Black lives up to its name. It provides a deep black look. But somewhat surprisingly, it also gives a wetter look than either Reflections or DuraGloss.

Showroom FX White Pearl Tire & Trim Dressing

The blackness of White Pearl is equal to the blackness of Beyond Black but a tiny step up in sheen. Of the four low gloss dressings I tried today, White Pearl is the shiniest. We aren't talking high gloss, of course; but the difference between White Pearl and Reflections is noticeable.

My wife tends to prefer a glossier look on her tires, and so not surprisingly she voted White Pearl as her favorite. I tend to prefer a more matte look, so I found myself favoring Reflections and DG 253. But honestly, I like all four dressings. The differences between them are minor and mere nuance.

Old 06-30-2010
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Default Re: Matte Tire Contest

Thank you for sharing your experience!

The one thing to consider is that different tire compounds can produce different results with the same products. Age and cleanliness is also a factor.
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