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Old 08-22-2008
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Default The all in one product for motorcycles!

thats right........throw away your carnuba paste, throw away your detailer, your wash, you name it.........chuck it in the trash. You only need one product.....mothers FX spray ! I bought a bottle maybe 2-3 years ago. tried it on my car but it seemed too be hard to remove the bit of haze it left. so i never used it again....till a couple weeks ago on my motorcycle. I swear, i have been using this stuff on, tank and fender paint, the satin black engine paint, frame, everything except the seat. and i'n not only been using it as a wax, but to clean and wax simultaniously! the bike gets dirty and all it really needs to get daily pollution and dust off it is something wet. So it removes pretty much anything on any surface except of course heavy grease, but i have little to none of that. So i clean the bike with it and then don't have to use wax or detailer or any kind of finish product at all. But the thing thats amazing me is that every type of surface looks better than when i use a product that especially for it. In 5-10 minutes i'm done, and i swear on a stack of bibles it's never looked so good. the gloss surfaces like the tank, side covers, and fenders look like i poured honey over them. the rest just looks showroom new. I have never been able to make it look this good so easily. granted, this may not be a solution for every motorcycle. and to be totally honest i'm not a mothers fanatic at all and really only use the synwax liquid till now. I'll probably still wax the car with that every few months as always. But i can literally never use anything else on my bike because this stuff does it all, and the kicker is the deep shine it leaves is better than anything i've used on the bike including the synwax liquid itself ! I'm sold. I will die with FX spray in my garage. And to mothers....don't you guys DARE change this formula !!!!!! (can't tell you how many times i find something i love only to see it discontinued or changed)
Old 08-22-2008
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Default Re: The all in one product for motorcycles!


We're glad to hear you like FX Spray Wax -- we just wish you could be a little more enthusiastic about how much you like it!
Old 08-27-2008
daz daz is offline
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Location: los angeles
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Default Re: The all in one product for motorcycles!

you got your wish...I AM more enthusiastic now ! Seriously....every day that goes by and the bike still look like i did it yesterday makes me more and more sold on this stuff. Usually you're lucky if you find a product that does one thing really well. But to find one that does everything from exceptionally well to amazing is just fantastic. It saves me so much time you have no idea.
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