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Old 01-26-2011
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Default First Full Detail using Mothers

Today i finally had a chance to fully detail my car using my kit i bought a few weeks ago. sorry no pics just yet it was dark by the time i finished. but i will have some up later. its a big challenge detailing when you dont have a garage and good weather. but i finally had my chance. here is what i did:

First i washed and cleaned my wheels and put some carnauba cleaner wax on them. (i read about it somewhere on the forum.) then i washed and clayed the car doing one panel at a time. i used the UWS on one panel but wanted to experiment with different ways using mothers products since its my first time using them. i tried the UWS but put synwax on then the pure carnaba on step three. i then used just step one and synwax. then another panel i tried step 1 and synwax then sealer and glaze then pure canauba. i also bought a powerball for paint and tried each different procedure with the powerball and without. my main goal was to add depth and gloss and get rid of my spidderwebbing and swirls off my vinyl strips.

i must say that each product worked well and was easy to use. the best method that worked was using the pre cleaner with the synwax. it seemed to darkeren the color. all the different procedures seemed to give i a nice gloss and reflection. the synwax gave it that wet look, the UWS using just carnauba eliminated the spidderwebbing the most but knowing that they are still there and being able to see them under certain light made me want to do more to fix the problem. or maybe i've done somthing wrong, being that i am new to dteailig. overall i'm pretty pleased with all the mothers products used, i will have some pics onve i see some daylight tomorrow.
So here are a few questions:
i was thinking about trying powerpolish with my powerball before i buy a porter cable so does anyone think using a powerball with powerpolish will work well enough to get rid of the spidderwebbing? or should i not waste my time and go ahead and buy the porter cable? Also the UWS is great but i doubt i will have any time to do that procedure again, so would using reflections wax work better for a dark blue car to add depth and give it that wet look? i know its a personal preference but i'm sure that someone has compared the two on a dark car and has had better results.
Old 01-26-2011
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Default Re: First Full Detail using Mothers

I don't think a PowerBall 4Paint would work well with PowerPolish. The foam was designed to be soft enough to prevent swirling by an inexperienced user.

That means it won't have enough bite to remove your spiderwebbing. Invest in the Porter Cable and do the job right.

Reflections Car Wax followed by Top Coat is a fine choice - one I happen to like. On your dark blue it should look great.
Old 01-27-2011
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Default Re: First Full Detail using Mothers

Reflections combo is a good choice for solid blue cars.

For metallic blues, sometimes FX makes for more bling and a more crisp look but just depends on the metallic in the paint.

My Ford products have Tuxedo black metallic and dark blue metallic paint. Reflections on the black makes it darker but flakes are rainbow effect I have been using Step 3 on it but just applied some FX Spray Wax.

On the blue metallic, Reflections make the paint slightly darker but not effect on metallic.

It just depends for me. You can experiment to see which you like best.
Old 01-27-2011
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Default Re: First Full Detail using Mothers

yeah i noticed after i used some fx spray wax the metallic stood out more, i might try reflections with fx over it.
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