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Old 05-30-2007
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Default Carnauba Wax - Longevity?

Realistically, how long does the Mother's Carnauba wax last? I live in Toronto, so we have average summers and winter. My car is always outside. I drive approximately 30 kms a day. I just did the 3 step process, and want to know when I should do another coat of wax. (I'm thinking in 3 months would be fine).

Old 05-30-2007
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Default Re: Carnauba Wax - Longevity?


There's nothing really esoteric here.
People furrow their brows and knowingly nod. They mention water beading, but unless you are an absolute expert, comparing water beading at different timelines is a little like comparing brands of Cola. Everyone has their own idea. I know what water beading is, but I'm not going to use that as a guide.

Like you, I asked the question, and Forrest gave me a pretty accurate response.
If you rub your finger on the paint surface, and it squeaks, then the wax is gone, but, having said that, why would you do it?
The wax is the top coat, and is the sacrificial layer of protection. The tub of wax paste costs approximately $20.00, and the same product in its liquid form costs about $12.00, so the cost of each coat that you apply is pretty small, and the only factor in play would be your time.

I look at it this way. The guys who wrote the 'detail guide' know a lot more than I do, and if they say that you should wax every 8 to 12 weeks, then that'll do me.
You apply the wax, and over time it wears away, and you replace it. So two, maybe three coats of wax in a cycle, and then you use the pre wax cleaner, with maybe the clay before that, depending on your situation, to get back to baseline to start the workup again. The wax would never get to the stage of building up on your paint.

So, if, as you say, your car is always outside in the Canadian weather, no matter how harsh or benign, I might suggest that you go with the lower level of 8 weeks. Your time is a small price to pay for the security of knowledge that your paint has protection.
So, whenever it rains, I look for the beading for no other reason than to look at it, all the while thinking, 'There's an extra ten minutes when I get home to dry it off.'

So, the question was worth asking, as they all are, but it isn't something that guys in the know hold as their own little secret.

Trust the 'detail guide' and you'll find that it hasn't been structured to make you use more product so you have to buy more stuff. It's been constructed to help us look after our tens of thousand of dollars worth of investment.


"Old man look at my life, I'm a lot like you were."------Neil Young.
Old 05-30-2007
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Default Re: Carnauba Wax - Longevity?

Thanks Tony, for the great explanation.

One other point to consider - the more frequently you wax, the easier it is to apply and remove since the paint stays cleaner.

Kinda like cutting the grass - if you do it once every 3 weeks, it's a pain because of the tall grass, and the edging takes longer.

But, cutting and edging every week goes quicker because the grass is shorter and the edge hasn't grown over yet.

More frequent means less effort each time.
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