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Old 01-23-2005
Squire Squire is offline
Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: Sydney, Australia
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Default Best shine for white car?

Hi. I have a white Subaru Liberty, 2001 model, with fairly good paint. It's been given a Waxguard aftermarket paint protection, which may explain the paint condition. The only problems are a few badly done touchups, and a crack in the front bumper that hasn't been repaired too well. There was a huge scratch on the back plastic trim (the red plastic between the tail lights that says SUBARU), and another on the instrument cluster cover, but I've fixed them. Mother's plastic polish is a wonder! Although I had to use cutting compound on the rear scratch before the plastic polish.

I'll get all the paint chips and touchups sorted out, make them a little harder to find. I know the bumpers haven't been clearcoated, only the body panels get that.
I'm thinking of using California Gold stages 1 and 2 to get the paint perfect. After that, would a coat of Polyglaze Diamond Finish (synthetic polymer wax) before a good Carnauba wax, like Repo cream polish, help? Or should I give the synthetic wax a miss? I'm looking for a finish that'll weather well, and dirt won't stick. I have to park on the street; and the street trees drop bird poo and sap.
Parking in the open at work is almost as bad, as I'm in an industrial area.

By the way; for those of you in Sydney, Autobarn stocks almost all the Mother's range, except the clay. However, they do have the Meguiars clay. Mother's paint chip repair kit is hard to find, although I think Autobarn would order it in if you ask.
And Big W (chain store) stocks most of the Mother's range - and it's a few dollars cheaper than Supercheap or Autobarn.

Old 01-24-2005
Lee@SRP Lee@SRP is offline
Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: Hebron, Kentucky
Posts: 12
Default Re: Best shine for white car?

I think you have a good plan, PW. I might recommend that you try Mother's Cleaner wax as lighter colored cars generally do not need a two or three step polish/wax. Having said that since you are looking to refinish some paint damage I thing the sealer/glaze will help out.

Good luck and post a pic when you get the 'Bru all cleaned up!


Too many Trans Ams...not enough time!
Old 01-25-2005
Squire Squire is offline
Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: Sydney, Australia
Posts: 15
Default Re: Best shine for white car?

Well, had a fun day repairing touchups. I don't like taking to my Belle with sandpaper; but I guess she'll forgive me. Got most of the paint sorted out, now gotta wait a few days, then feather it in, cut, polish, glaze & wax. While the paint was drying I went over the interior with Polyglaze Solar Warrior protectant - probably similar to Mother's Preserves. I'm using up all the old stuff I had, courtesy of my last car. After using a few Mother's products, I'll probably switch over to Mother's completely; even though some are hard to find in Sydney.
Tomorrow it'll be time to go over the protectant with a rag - I don't want much shine, and it says on the bottle to apply, then leave overnight before wiping over with a rag for a lower sheen. And it makes my car smell good!
I've still got some scratches in the rear plastic trim - Plastic Polish hasn't gotten them out, I'll try a little more cutting compound. That should sort it out nicely, then a buff with Plastic Polish.
I've gotten the plastic cover over the instrument cluster perfect, but now it's shown up another problem. There's two little holes in the clear plastic cover for the tripmeter reset and clock adjust knobs. Inside the instrument cluster there are two little piles of dust, that must have gotten in these holes over the years.

Any ideas how I can get it out? I don't particularly want to pull the entire dash apart. I'll check the service manual, maybe I can get the knobs off, so I can put a thin piece of plastic hose through, and maybe blow the dust away.

Time for some reading.

I'll keep you posted on the progress of my Belle.

Old 01-25-2005
Mama's Boy Mama's Boy is offline
Join Date: Sep 2004
Location: Canada
Posts: 524
Default Re: Best shine for white car?

Taking apart the dash would, obviously be the most thorough way to deal with the dust, but you *might* get some of the dust out using a vacuum and a fine tip attatchment. Results are not going to be perfect, mind you, and you may end up with a layer of dust across the inside of the plastic.
Again, only a suggestion, but taking the plastic off would be the "better" way.
A person who is aliterate is no better off than one who is illiterate.
Old 01-25-2005
Squire Squire is offline
Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: Sydney, Australia
Posts: 15
Default Re: Best shine for white car?

Mama's boy, I agree, taking apart the instrument cluster may be the only way. But there's NO way I'm gonna do that, after checking the service manual. Too many delicate little plastic clips to break.
I'll try a fine tip on my compressor and see if I can blow it away... a light, even coverage would look a whole lot better than two piles.
I'll probably concentrate my attentions elsewhere, like removing the wheels, cleaning them both sides, and cleaning the wells. A pity I can't find Mother's Duration here in Sydney, it'd be perfect for the wheel wells. Maybe I can persuade Autobarn to order some in; and wait til it arrives before taking off the wheels, rather than taking them off again. I don't want to seem too obsessed it seems there's one or two people on this forum who lean a little that way.

Old 01-25-2005
Jim D.'s Avatar
Jim D. Jim D. is offline
Join Date: Mar 2004
Location: Seattle, WA
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Default Re: Best shine for white car?

I would try a light vacuum over one hole (don't scratch the lens and don't suck up the knob or any needles inside), and a can of compressed air with the tiny nozzle in the other (being sure to expel only air and not propellant).

Might work.
Old 01-25-2005
Squire Squire is offline
Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: Sydney, Australia
Posts: 15
Default Re: Best shine for white car?

I'll try a few things. Maybe giving the knobs a pull to see if they'll come off, I could get lucky. Jim D, I think your idea would be fine; although I don't have any cans of compressed air. My tiny little 12V compressor may work. I'll be careful, I'm a little paranoid about the instrument cluster... one part of my car that is beyond my abilities to fix. But - I have yet begun to fight! No tiny little pile of dust is gonna get the better of me.
Only yesterday I pulled apart the lights that illuminate the number plate - they were full of dust, and didn't look so great. Some rubber protectant for the seals, and some plastic polish for the lenses - seriously schmick now. Seems the last driver liked dirt roads. Then again, it's a Subaru - it drives better on dirt than almost any other car, so I can't blame him.
Judging by the paint that's been scraped off the lower sides of both bumpers, it's seen its share of bush bashing.

I'll keep you all posted on the progress.

Old 01-29-2005
Alfisti's Avatar
Alfisti Alfisti is offline
Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: Perth, Western Australia
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Default Re: Best shine for white car?

Squire, I'm surprised that your Autobarn doesn't have the complete Mothers range, including Duration and Paint Chip Repair. I've never been to one that doesn't!

The Autobarn I go to is very helpful. If they don't have a product I want, they normally have it in wharehouse and bring it in on request.

As far as making your white paint pop using Mothers, here's a link to the procedure kdshadow uses and a pic of his truck:
Paul Marmarinos
Flawless Prestige Car Detailing

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