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Old 07-17-2004
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Default Brand new used truck!

Please help. I need a little advice. I bought a brand new 04 Explorer Sport Trac ADRENALIN 5 weeks ago and it looks absolutly terrible. When I bought the truck, it had a scratch on the passengers fender and some rub marks down the drivers rear door. The truck is black by the way. The dealer who sold it to me said they would take care of the scratch and the rub marks for me no problem. They repainted the passengers fender and buffed the rest of the truck to take care of the rub marks. I got it back and was brought to tears when I saw it in the sun for the first time scince the dealer had it. It looks like they buffed it with sos pads!!! The whole truck is swirled and scratched and it looks loke a 20 year old neglected finish in the sun. I have been noticing other new black vehicles latley scince buying mine and they all look great compared to mine. I showed the dealer and they apolagized and said they would fix it. They polished and waxed it and it seemed ok(it's been cloudy here for two weeks straight) but yesterday I washed it and when the sun came out there were those dreaded scratches and swirls all over the place. I just used the clay bar and the Mothers 3 step system on my 5 year old Taurus 4 days ago. I tried the same procedure on the drivers fender of the truck. The 5 year old car feels slicker,looks better and has far fewer scratches than my 5 week old rig!!! Is there any hope for my truck? Will it ever be the same again? Will it need to be painted and did they buff so hard they removed the clear coat? You all may be wondering why I don't ask the dealer these questions? The answer is: I HAVE NO TRUST IN THEM ANYMORE!!! Any advice would be appreciated.Thanks.Look forward to some input.
Old 07-18-2004
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Default Re: Brand new used truck!

I would go back and see the General Manager of the dealership. Show him the problem, and tell him (in a calm voice) how disappointed you are in his dealership's performance.

Then, suggest you take your new, dealer abused, vehicle to a professional detailer to have the damage they inflicted removed, with the bill going to them, since you have no confidence in their employee's abilities.

I'd guess he'd agree.
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