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Old 02-02-2014
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Default :: Mothers Leather Tech::

While there are many leather cleaners on the market, not many perform as well as Mothers LeatherTech. I picked up this product when it was first released in 2013. Let's take a look at what this product is all about, and why I use it exclusively for cleaning & treating leather.

The Product

The Mothers LeatherTech system comes in two products. A foaming wash and a gel. It's basically a 2 step leather cleaning system, each sold separately. The cleaning product is their Foaming Wash, while the Gel is supposed to act as a sealer/conditioner.


LeatherTech Foaming Wash: $7.99
LeatherTech Moisture Infusion Gel Cream: $13.99

Total: About $25 +/- for both.


The directions are very straight forward. Apply the foam onto a microfiber towel or applicator. Massage the product onto the area to be cleaned, wipe off & buff dry. It’s that easy.

As far as the Infusion Gel, it’s a WOWO product. You simply apply it, and buff dry.


The foam comes in a nice dispenser bottle. The gel comes in a tub with a soft applicator foam pad.

The Application

I will be testing this product on high wear areas of my leather interior, for this test I will be cleaning a small portion of the driver’s seat.

I pumped a little foam on a MF towel. The foam has a fresh scent to it, unlike other products that have a chemical smell to them. This stuff goes a long way & spreads really well. On really dirty leather, a second application along with scrubbing with a soft brush might be required. What I also liked about the foam is that once you press the bottle to release, the foam doesn't keep on running. This is a nice feature because it allows you to conserve product.

Foaming Wash Results

As you can see in the 50/50 photo below, the cleaning ability was outstanding. I was really impressed how quickly this foam wash was able to clean my leather seat without any greasy residue left behind. I only did a small portion of the seat, it fully restored my leather back to its original Ivory color.

The Gel

Time to seal. Upon opening the Moisture Infusion Gel, you'll notice its great scent, smells like Melon! The gel itself has the consistency of a jello-like cream. A wet paste would be the best I can describe it. The gel contains what Mothers calls moisture lock. This aids in protecting the leather to prevent future fading, drying and cracking.

How To Apply The Gel

Since the consistency of this product is not like a lotion, the best way I found to apply is to very lightly dab your applicator pad over the cream, rub very lightly and the gel will automatically stick to your foam applicator. Remember, the thinner you apply the better it will buff off.

I applied the gel, massaged it onto the area I cleaned and buffed off right away. It’s important not to let this product dry. Once I buffed it off, the leather felt supple & smooth. It did not give my leather a greasy look which was great. It left my leather looking how it should naturally look & feel like.

Water Test

So for real world testing, I sprayed the area infused with the Gel with water. I did not take any after shots with the Gel applied because the look of the leather did not change, which is a great thing because other products then to leave a greasy film behind. It definitely leaves a barrier of protection, think of it as a "wax" for your leather.


For around $25 dollars for both products, it’s definitely a bit more expensive than most leather system cleaners. However, it’s worth every penny because it works beautifully. I rather invest a few dollars and keep my leather interior looking new, than to spend a couple hundred dollars having it repaired or replaced.


Mother's hit another home run with this product. If you’re looking for quality leather cleaner, Mothers LeatherTech definitely delivers. I really enjoyed using this product. It works fast, its effective and it’s easy to use. For that, I highly recommend it.
Old 02-02-2014
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Default Re: :: Mothers Leather Tech::

Great report.

I have had the same results, outstanding!

Stockton ca.
Old 02-05-2014
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Default Re: :: Mothers Leather Tech::

Great review!
Old 03-25-2014
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Default Re: :: Mothers Leather Tech::

How often should the gel be applied?
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Old 03-26-2014
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Default Re: :: Mothers Leather Tech::

In the heat/sun of summertime, I use conditioners once a month or so.

Other seasons, about once every 8 weeks.
Old 03-26-2014
The Guz The Guz is offline
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Default Re: :: Mothers Leather Tech::

Thanks Forrest.
1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GT (Silvermist)
2002 Chevrolet Camaro SS (Arctic White)
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