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Old 03-04-2006
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Question Question about Reflections Spray Wax

I have been away from the forum for several weeks. The last I heard on Reflections Spray wax was it was best to put it on a cloth and apply it that way because it does not "Spray" but comes out in a blob no matter how much it is shaken. I used it that way the other day but was wondering if Mothers has improved the formula where it can be sprayed. I like the look of Reflections but would like it to preform as advertised. I sent an e-mail to Forrest but no reply as yet.

Thanks for any update.
Old 03-04-2006
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Default Re: Question about Reflections Spray Wax

AlexRuiz wrote a very good how-to on Reflections Spray Wax a few weeks ago. He stressed that applying it after washing when the vehicle is still wet is the key. Here it is from Alex:

By now, the regulars of the forums (me included) have complained quite loudly of reflections spray wax application. I even started a thread mentioning my initial problems with the product, problems that were later solved.

In a separate thread about FX spray wax (started by kbshadow), the author himself had the idea later to use reflections spray wax when the car was wet. kbshadow got good results so I decided to try. Let me admit that I love the look reflections spray wax leaves, but I have been quite vocal about application and smell. So, I tried it and got quite pleased.

Materials used

- Reflections Spray wax
- Microfiber drying towel (not Waffle Weave)
- 3 or more buffing towels


1) Wash car normally. By the final rinse try to use slow flow (helpful but not a must).

2) Once car is ready, spray reflections SW directly to the drying towel folded in 4 or 6 (2 pumps are plenty). Start drying car starting from the roof. It will be hard to leave the panel completely dry, and in fact you shouldn't try too hard as you are in fact spreading the wax. The towel will absorb the excess of water, but some will remain and mix with the wax acting as spreading agent for the wax. Do not worry about not leaving panel dry, and focus more on even spreading of the wax.

3) Turn towel to another section, reapply spray wax to the towel and move top next horizontal panel (hood and trunk) again 2 pumps are plenty.

4) Move to the vertical panels. Once the towel gets saturated with water, wring it out. By now, one pump per panel is plenty

5) Once the wax has been completely applied to the car, the roof should have already hazed. Get your buffing towels, and start removing the wax. If the wax has not hazed totally in some spots, don't worry, it won't affects the outcome.

6) If a buffing towel gets too wet get another one (remember, we didn't dry completely the car in the spreading of the wax, so very likely nooks and cranies still have water) Wax removal should be extremely easy, as easy as advanced car wax.

7) Enjoy the slickness and look


- I tried first spreading the wax with a WW... bad idea. Hard to spread the wax uniformily.

- Then, I tried a regular plush MF 16" x 16" (Son¸s blue perl) It did a decent job, but it is too small as I had to wring the water of it 3 times. The almost perfect size is a 16 x 24 (Viking drying towel for example, or any other) The upcoming Mother quick detailing towel at 20 x 24 will be the perfect size. Anything above 20 x 24 is not manageable.

- Being the product so thick, the water helps A LOT to spread it thin. Granted, advanced car wax is more forgiving at removal time, but a foam applicatior also helps it to have thinner coats. Spray wax in a MF was applied usually thicker. On a wet car, less wax is needed, more even coverage is allowed so the final coat is thinner thus removal is easier than on a dry car. This is a key factor for appeal.

- The look, oh the look. The car had Collinite 476S for winter protection. 476S is not billed as a beauty wax, but the paint is well prepped so looked really nice with a lot of metallic flake pop, very glossy and natural look, but not very deep. The car looked handsome but not spectacular. Reflections spray wax immediately looks deeper, shinier and even glossier. The car looks gorgeous. Slickness is also up. Paint preparation is the most important factor, but reflections spray wax shows why the 476S is not billed as beauty wax. RSW genuinely is a beauty wax.

- I obviously was unable to duplicate the results of kbshadow to dry directly without allowing haze because I applied the wax to the towel directly and not to the paint. I didn't try however to spary to towel, spread, turn towel and then remove immediately, so I will try the next time.

- Finally, a suggestion to Mothers. Change the label, and change it NOW to advise that best results are obtained when applied directly to towel, then spread over a wet car. This is the magic combo. We got word that it worked both ways, but nobody at Mothers pointed the fact that application to a wet car is much easier with much less frustration.

Comments welcome.

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