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Old 07-02-2019
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Post 2019 Review of many products

Earlier this year I received my giant box of new car care products. This is my, non professional, opinion on the products. I am an enthusiast, not a professional. All products were used on a new 2018 Pearl White STI.

* Triple Action Foam Wash
I am actually quite disappointed in this product, but yet was so excited for it. Is it a good wash? Yes. But I honestly have not seen any difference in the cleaning power regardless of dilution ratio. The "foaming" part is also no more than any of their other washes. Actually, no real foam, just normal suds. It also performed worse in my foam cannon than normal "wash & wax" soaps. I even tried different types of water, well water, city water, and deionized water. No difference. 2 outta 5

* CMX Ceramic Coating
Excellent product! Are there better out there? Probably, but the price and ease of use of CMX is what makes it great. Super durable, and sheds contaminates. I have 3 coats on my car and it basically self cleans when it rains. Has a nice "bright glass" shine too. My application process: Washed vehicle>>washed again with wax removing product>>clay bar>>Mothers professional polish>>spray on, wait 2 mins, buff off. 5 outta 5

* Speed Clay 2.0
Great product! You will find yourself claying your vehicle every time you wash. And for white colored car owners, this thing is a godsend to combat against the "Rail Dust" spots. Easy to use and clean, and doesn't "hold" onto contaminates. Only downside is that it will take more effort with this than a normal clay bar to remove more potent imperfections/contaminates. 4 outta 5

* Speed Interior Detailer
Great stuff with a great smell. The smell is more of a "new" or "clean" scent. Removes common interior smudges and dirt with ease and leaves behind no residue or streaking. However, this is a cleaner/protectant, not a shine enhancer. So don't expect the armor all look. 4 outta 5

* Speed All Purpose Cleaner
When the interior detailer or upholstery cleaner cant remove it, reach for this. It is definitely not in the category of a "simple Green" type product. Use sparingly. Works great on door jambs and hinges that collect sludge over time from the hinge grease/oil. May not like the smell though. 4 outta 5

* Speed Tire Shine
I really like this product. It is a clear aerosol, not a foam. So streaking and patchiness is eliminated. Goes on with good coverage, provides a wet shine, and is fairly durable for the price. Hint: After applying, wipe for a more matte finish. 4 outta 5

* Professional Detailer
I use this to maintain my finish in between using CMX. I'm so concerned with having a good "base" for my CMX to adhere to, so I think this is a better choice than the classic California gold or speed spray wax. But because a lot of its "Shine" fortifiers have been removed, it doesn't glide as smoothly during and after application. 3 outta 5

*Professional Paint Restoration System
1. Compound: I cannot give an accurate review on this because my paint was in to new of a condition to see any difference. This is my first time using this type, but noticed it dried extremely fast while buffing and was difficult to remove. No Review
2. Foam Pad Polish: Definitely brought out some shine (Even on my white paint) Gave it a nice uniform glass sheen that was further enhanced by the CMX. A little actually goes a long way. Even a small amount on the pad will somehow still manage to sling everywhere. My review will be based off of "General use and cleaning", but not based from a professional "Paint Refinishing" view. 4 outta 5

* Ultra Soft Drying Towel
Forget the microfiber type, this is the real king! The first towel I have ever used that actually "soaked" up water similar to a chamois. The biggest con is that it is so small and requires multiple wrings just to dry my "small" car. 4 outta 5

*Wheel Brush
A decent quality brush for the price. Handle construction is good, sturdy, and comfortable. The bristles however fall short if your cleaning something other than wide spoked, heavily mudded rims. They are not as soft as hoped, and that keeps them from getting into the spokes of many modern day sport rims.
2 outta 5

* Tire Brush
Is this thing made of porcupine spines?! Very stiff and aggressive bristles. Actually left some lines in my tires where it dragged across the rubber. Not recommended for soft rubber tires. Use if you have poorly maintained, heavily soiled tires. 2 outta 5

* Fender Well Brush
I replaced the tire brush with this one. Same bristle composition as the wheel brush, which is actually perfect for tires. Not able to use in the fender wells because it barely fits between tire and fender. A heavier angled head design would work better. 3 outta 5

* Detail Brushes
Again, good sturdy comfortable design, but bad quality bristles, at least for interior. Coarse'ish bristles that are very frayed at the ends. Does not get into interior nooks and crannies well. Best used to get in between emblems and such on exterior. For interior 1 outta 5, exterior 3 outta 5

* Clay bar
I actually did not buy the mothers clay bar. I bought a competitor. Why? Because Mothers does not just sell the clay, you have to buy it with the detailer (which I have a never ending supply of). Would be nice if they offered a second kit and replaced the detailer with a storage compartment for clay.

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Old 07-03-2019
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Default Re: 2019 Review of many products

Informative, to say the least, gives many would be or existing Mothers users an idea of how some products work out or how effective they are.

So far, from your list, I've used Speed Spray Wax (good, but I feel the CG Spray Wax has a slicker feel), Speed APC, Speed Interior Detailer (now, that product, I really love that product), Fender Wheel Well Brush (it's gone now, used it too often before, then our dog found a way to destroy it nicely), wheel brush (like a dwarf version of the wheel well brush, seems fine to me).

The CMX? My first venture into the "CERAMIC COATING DIMENSION" I found it easy to use, too easy to apply too much. Durability from my end, still to find out how durable this is, so far, I haven't prepped the paint the way I normally would (clay, polish, etc.) but the shine is very good, it's on the bright side.
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