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Old 07-03-2019
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Default 3X Foam Wash... rinse and let dry?

Hello again, Mothers fans. Long time, no post...what can I say, the daily grind keeps me busy. Anyhow, I’ve got some detailing pictures saved up and waiting to be used for some long overdue show and tell, unfortunately I still don’t have anything ready to post yet, but I do intend to share the pics and my experience ASAP. I have the new Odor Eliminator (new car scent) that I’m especially anxious to use and review, as well as the new Triple Action Foam Wash.

I just used Triple Action for the first time with a Torq-6 foam gun and my Flex got a nice coat of foam that stayed on until I rinsed. I can’t comment on how well it cleans because the car had already been hand-washed, dried, decontaminated with Iron-X (also a first for me), and rinsed and dried again. After which I decided to foam it up with Triple Action to help remove any traces of Iron-X. Then I simply gave it a rinse and pat dry.

I will review Triple Action in time, but for now I’d like to ask if I can actually just let it dry after rinsing, as the foam method instruction suggests? I’m using a regular garden hose and the Torq-6 foam gun. Now that I think about it, maybe the “Rinse and Let Dry” final instruction only applies to pressure-washers and not for ordinary garden hoses with an adjustable nozzle. Please advise. Thanks in advance...
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