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Old 06-09-2012
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Default Mothers and Australia

For those of you following the Power Tour this last week, you may notice that there is an Australian who is accompanying the Mothers crowd on this Tour.

That gentleman is Robert Kennedy.

Robert is the Owner and Director of The Command Auto Group here in Australia. While Command Auto has 'fingers in the pie' of a number of automotive extras, they are also the Australian importers for the Mothers range of products.

Robert, besides touring with this year's Power Tour, is also a regular at SEMA each year.

Command Auto runs its own site here in Australia, and while this may only be of information for readers in the U.S. it may be a handy 'first point' of contact for readers from Australia.

That site is in fact quite a large one, and the following is the link to that site.

Command Auto Group

While menu bars at the top are pretty self explanatory, I will point out a few things of interest.

The Retail tab shows the list of stores Command distribute to, and each of those stores show what Mothers range they stock, and also has a further link to that store's own site.

You'll see a tab there titled BYR Monaro, and this details Brett Youlden's entry into the Australian Touring Car Masters Series, just one part of Australia's motor racing calendar. Brett's car is sponsored by Mothers through the Command Auto Group. The car is a 1971 Holden HQ series Monaro. At the most recent series of races for the Series at Australia's famed Phillip Island track as recently as 14 days ago, on 27th May, Brett won the second race of the day in his Monaro, and that is shown at this following link, showing a wonderful image of the green Monaro with the prominent Mothers sponsorship.

Youlden Wins at Phillip Island

Back at the Command Home Page, you'll see a How To tab, and this has a detailed list of the Mothers How To videos as well as some text for each of them as well.

When you click on the Products tab, a separate menu bar appears at the left. You'll notice the Mothers Polishes tab, and when you click on that it opens up further menus, and even further menus again as you click on each section in the Mothers range, and each separate menu bar takes you further down the 'tree' of Mothers products in each part of that range.

Command does not import the Mothers accessories (pity says Tony in an aside) but Command does have their own accessories and they are listed at the MLH Car Care tab, and again, each section has sub menus as well for brushes and Microfibres, and one of those MF I might mention is their Glass Cleaning cloth. I have one of these Glass Cleaning microfibres, (mine from a different Australian owned producer of MF, Bowden's Own) and these glass MF are a completely different look to what you expect from a microfibre. Having said that, after using one of these glass cleaning MF, you'll see why they make glass cleaning a quantum level easier.

Further down the Products tab, you'll see the Wax Attack tab which shows the range of Wax Attack polishers.

Some of you may be looking at the prices of the Mothers products and comparing them with what you might pay for them in the US, thinking that they are more expensive here in Oz. That may be so, but what you need to consider here is that they are all imported from the US, hence the added expenses associated with that transport to Oz, and importation, and then shipping to the retail outlets, all of this adding to the cost. Now, having said that, those product costs are in fact competitive with virtually every other car care product available here. As there are very few Australian product manufacturers, virtually all car care products have to be imported, so, while I use Mothers products almost exclusively, I'm paying around the same price as for any other products available, and when you know what works for you, why bother changing.

The only disadvantage is that some of the newer products in the Mothers range take a while to arrive at the store front level here, and I have no problem with that, as they all have to come here on Shipping containers, so there is a time factor involved. Then they have to be distributed to the regular retail outlets. Either way, I know that they'll arrive sooner or later.

The two major retailers here in Oz are AutObarn, (my store of choice here) and Supercheap. Luckily, both of those Majors have stores here in Rockhampton.

I'll include the links to both stores home sites here, but they are also shown at that Command Auto site, and also at the Mothers site as well, if you click on the Retailers tab, and then click on International, and srcoll down to Oceania. Both Majors have store locater tabs at their sites, so you can locate the store closest to you, and most of the Mothers range is available, and if not, then ask at the counter and they'll get it for you in their next order.

AutObarn Stores

Supercheap Stores

Again, I know, I've gone on at length, and while this may be aimed specifically at Australian readers, it is of general interest for International readers as well.


"Old man look at my life, I'm a lot like you were."------Neil Young.

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Old 06-09-2012
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Default Re: Mothers and Australia

In addition to Robert, his right hand man George was with us on the Tour. I managed to scare them both several times with judicious use of the accelerator pedal in the ZR1 - without ever exceeding the posted speed limit..
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