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Tire & Wheel Care Whether you have hubcaps, clearcoated factory alloy, or custom wheels worth thousands, you'll want them to look their best. Metal polishing is also discussed here.

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Old 12-11-2017
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Default Help with Polished Aluminum Wheels (First Set)

Hello, i am new to this forum. However, I have gotten a lot of useful information here before.

I recently just ordered myself a set of bare polished aluminum wheels. They are amazing looking! Anyways i have a couple of questions regarding maintenance to keep them looking like new for as long as possible since i have never had polished aluminum wheels or even bare aluminum wheels.

I recently went to the store and picked up some Mothers Mag and Alum polish, some pads to apply it, microfiber towels, and Some Mothers California Gold Wax to hopefully protect and maintain these wheels.

My first and most important question:
1. These are my only set of wheels, meaning ill be driving on winter roads with them (salt). How can i protect them the best? My idea is to wax them before i use them (as a layer of protectant) and then wash weekly and not drive in the freshly salted roads. will this be fine? taking them off isn't an option unfortunately.

2. Is the Mother's Cali Gold wax fine to use on wheels? I couldn't find a wax specific to wheels. Is their something better to use at a local auto parts store?

3. How will i remove this wax to repolish later without possibly hurting my wheels?

4. If i polish them now will i be able to achieve a better finish on them than what the factory did?

Thanks guys and i apologize if some of these questions are dumb but i have never had a vehicle i actually care about until now! I have Mickey Thompson Classic III wheels if you are wondering.
Old 12-12-2017
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Default Re: Help with Polished Aluminum Wheels (First Set)

Welcome to Wax Forum!

Polished aluminum wheels should be waxed for winter -- just use regular car wax, and in colder weather (below 55) spray wax will work better and easier to use. Wash as frequently as you deem necessary with warm soapy water and dry with spray wax.

You will likely find it hard to avoid freshly salted roads, so just grin and bear it.

Next time you polish them with the aluminum polish, the wax will come off as part of the process -- no extra step needed.

Factory polishing should be optimal -- I wouldn't bother polishing them until the brightness starts to deteriorate.

Mag & Aluminum Polish with our PowerBall Mini would be great for those wheels.

Thanks for using Mothers!

Here's a video on metal polishing... though the products are different than discussed above, the process is the same.

Check out our new How To Videos to learn tips and tricks on using your favorite Mothers® products!

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