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Old 07-31-2007
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Default Mother's Scratch Remover in Consumer Reports

I just received the latest issue of CR with a review of Scratch Removers.

Mothers came in second after some expensive product. It was ahead of another M product that was also dinged for causing marring. The mother's product had the second lowest cost per application as calculated CR.

I often question CR test procedures even on just normal cars reviews especially their relative scoring. That is, you take everything with skepticism since what they consider important is not what I consider important but it always interesting to hear other opinions.
Old 08-01-2007
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Default Re: Mother's Scratch Remover in Consumer Reports

I’d like to thank Al for bringing this to the notice of all of us here at the Forum.
I know there’s copyright rules about posting the actual page showing the test results, so what I’ll do here is just to summarise some of the points shown.
All too often, we see reports here at the Forum about just how good a certain product is, and as guys who know Mothers products, we have a good handle on just how good those products really are, but when an independent authority says almost the same thing, then we can nod our heads and say, ‘Yeah! We knew that all along.’
We don’t get Consumer Reports here in Australia, but we do have something similar, called Choice Magazine, and they do exactly the same thing.
Test a range of products and then recommend one or maybe two. Sometimes, as Al mentions, we, as consumers have a different perspective on the products being tested. This is where that old adage comes into play.
There’s lies, darned lies, and statistics, and each person who reads the articles can place their idea of things on the results shown, but this article seems pretty categorical.

The product that they recommended as best might be just that, the best, and it comes in at 90% going on the criteria they used for testing the product. It is recommended.
The Mothers California Gold comes in as the second product at 76% and all others fall away from that point down to the seventh of the seven products tested which comes in at 58%.
Remembering the adage, it doesn’t really sound like there’s much difference, but they did put in a couple of other points that users might also refer to when making their choice about the product they want to use.

The top recommended product costs $21.00 for two small tubes coming in at just under two ounces of product, and that works out to nearly $12.00 per ounce. It also carries a rider about the included fine sandpaper, and that care should be taken when using this as you could damage the clear coat worse than it was before you started.
The Mothers product coming in second costs $6.00 for an 8 ounce red bottle, or, 75 cents per ounce.
Remember the adage. Statistics can read anything to whoever is looking at them.
Only one other product comes in cheaper and it was the seventh ranked product. All the other products were in the range from around twice as expensive and upwards from that to the first ranked product at 16 times as expensive.

Keep remembering the adage.

The top recommended product was classed as very good to use, but the Mothers product being a single liquid came in as excellent in the ease of use category, better than the Top product.

We can be rightly pleased that the Mothers product performed so well in the hands of an independent authority, but when you see results like this, I feel positively certain that price would come into it as a major factor, because when it comes to value for money, and the work done for the money, the Mothers product wins hands down.

Really, you only have to look at your paint after removing any scratch to see which product you’d prefer to use. I know where my money goes.

Again, thanks to Al from bringing this to our attention.
It’s just a pity that the page of results can’t be shown, because they explain it better than I can here.


"Old man look at my life, I'm a lot like you were."------Neil Young.
Old 08-01-2007
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Default Re: Mother's Scratch Remover in Consumer Reports

Originally Posted by TonyfromOz View Post
I feel positively certain that price would come into it as a major factor, because when it comes to value for money, and the work done for the money, the Mothers product wins hands down.
Even if you negate the testing trying to split hairs on how you measure reduction in scratches subjectively or in the lab and they become equal, as you said the real point is that Mothers still comes out ahead price-wise and is available at PEP Boys -- that is where I got my bottle.
Old 08-27-2007
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Default Re: Mother's Scratch Remover in Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports *sigh*
I wish they'd just stick to testing deoderants and toaster ovens.
When it comes to automotive stuff I trust auto magazines and what other detailers are saying, along with my own experiences.
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