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Tire & Wheel Care Whether you have hubcaps, clearcoated factory alloy, or custom wheels worth thousands, you'll want them to look their best. Metal polishing is also discussed here.

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Default Mothers Back-to-Black Tire Renew - a rinseless tire cleaner

Mothers Back-to-Black Tire Renew
Easy no rinse tire cleaner

I was washing the Dakota recently and had cleaned the tires with Meg's APC 4:1 and a scrub pad. I did not immediately dry the tires and proceeded to wash the paint. Once I finished washing the paint, the tires had dried somewhat and noticed the tires did not come out as well as I liked. The dirt was gone and whitewalls looked good but there was still some tire brown on the tires especially near the edge in the tread area. I decided to try a sample of a Mothers tire cleaner advertised as a no rinse tire cleaner since I did not want to go get the hose back out again.

Manufacturer's Description
Mothers® Back-to-Black® Tire Renew is formulated with encapsulating cleaning agents to dissolve and lift stubborn browning, dirt, soil, grease, grime, road film, brake dust and old dressings from any color or brand of tire, even whitewalls. Modern chemistry ensures that our Back-to-Black® Tire Renew is tough on tenacious dirt, but gentle and safe on your tires, leaving a long-lasting, naturally clean surface. Just spray on and wipe off. It’s that easy.

Source: Free sample

Size: 24oz.
Cost: $6.99.

Product Packaging

Product Rear

Labeled Directions:
Begin with cool, dry surface. Clean one tire at a time. Do not let dry.
1. Match spray nozzle to tire (low or wide profile)
2. Spray tire, let dwell for 15 seconds
3. Wipe away and dry any surrounding areas

Scent: slight chemical smell similar to some glass cleaners
Clinginess: very good
Sprayer: Two position sprayer for wide and narrow spray patterns (I used narrow)

Before Generally clean but still tire brown

The tire had been cleaned with Meguiars APC 4:1 and a scrub pad after dwelling for a short period. I used the APC on the wheels face and barrel, wells, and tire. Meg's cleaned the white walls and removed the dirt but did not remove the residual tire brown I often see on Michelin tires. The brown is most obvious on the outer diameter of the tire and has a two tone appearance between the inner and outer that I attribute to the molding process. The outer area behaves differently - different finish, more tire brown.

Wearing nitrile gloves, sprayed tire, let dwell 15 seconds, then wiped with a terry cloth towel.

After four tires

After: Finished

Before and after

After: Entire tire

  • Cleans tire brown faster and better without lots of scrubbing than APC's I have used (Poorboy's 7.5:1, Meg's 4:1, Optimum straight, ARO straight)
  • No rinsing, spray on wipe off process
  • Cost for a ready to use product
  • Short dwell time
  • Good clinging so does not immediately run down tire if you do not oversaturate

  • Additional chemical in the process just for rubber when an APC can usually do all aspects of wheel area cleaning (wells, barrels, tires)
  • Cost for higher volume users, no concentrate or gallons
  • Short dwell time fore some where it does not fit their process

  • Safety on other surfaces and risks of longer dwellling
  • Have not washed the terry cloth so do not know how clean it will get

I had been looking for something to deal with tire brown on my Michelins and had tried multiple cleaners. This product really worked where others have failed.

What makes this nice is that it is a spray on wipe off product so perfect for waterless and rinseless users who want clean tire in a way no washless or rinseless washes for paint can do. It may not replace your regular all purpose cleaner but a good product to have for this special purpose when you get stubborn tire brown.
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