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Old 08-01-2018
halenrauch halenrauch is offline
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Default New Car and Cleaning schedule


New car is arriving in about 4 weeks. After reading the forum, here is the plan I am going implement. Please let me know what you think.


Beginning of each year (an upon arrival this year)

- Wash Mothers Car Wash
- Clay bar
- Mothers Step 1
- Mothers Step 3
- Spray Wax the rims (help keep brake dust down)??
- Protectant for Interior
- Leather Clean and Condition. Use the individual cleaner and conditioner products.

Weekly Wash

- Wash, clean interior & use protectant for the interior


- Weekly wash, clean interior and protectant
- Wax with Mothers Carnauba Wax
- Clean and condition leather
- Spray Wax the rims (help keep brake dust down)??
Old 08-05-2018
abnot's Avatar
abnot abnot is offline
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Default Re: New Car and Cleaning schedule

I do not think you need to use Protectant every week. You could try Mother VLR for regular cleaning as needed on most interior surfaces.

Be sure to clean door and trunk jambs and apply Spray Wax. It will make them easier to clean over time. you can do something similar under the hood on the painted fender and hood sections.

Don't forget the wheel wells! If they are plastic lined you can apply products like Back to Black to keep them dark.
Old 08-05-2018
Mama's Boy Mama's Boy is offline
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Default Re: New Car and Cleaning schedule

I will suggest that a couple times a year you switch to the cleaner wax instead of all Step 3 pure wax. Not that you have to, but you may notice a difference in addressing the inevitable swirls/spider-webbing that accumulate throughout the year.

Also, are you doing this by hand or machine?
I'm guessing your list is just basic (not all-inclusive), as you didn't mention glass, deep cleaning floor mats, trunk, engine etc.
I would suggest using either the quick detailer or spray wax after the washes to help prolong the wax and help in keeping a spot/streak free finish after drying.
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Old 08-06-2018
Forrest T.'s Avatar
Forrest T. Forrest T. is offline
Mothers® Polish
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Default Re: New Car and Cleaning schedule

I've had great luck with our Speed Interior Detailer for frequent use (every couple of days) to knock down dust, fingerprints, sweaty residue (oh, these July and August scorchers) and keep the interior pristine.

As abnot mentioned, weekly use of a protectant is heavy compared to most users.

Give the Interior Detailer a try - Pep Boys has it, and I know there are several in the Charlotte area.
Old 08-07-2018
ffboy's Avatar
ffboy ffboy is offline
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Default Re: New Car and Cleaning schedule

Here's how I think I'd approach it, and maybe do it seasonally, and I think less time consuming:

Cleaner Wax (Go for CG Synthetic,too easy to use, great shine and protection)
CG Pure Carnauba Paste Wax (Optional, can offer more gloss and protection), yes, also on rims
Dedicated Leather Cleaner and Conditioner
Showtime Instant Detailer for light dust removal or depending on how dirty the car is

Car Wash-I usually spray the still wet car with spray wax, maybe a bit too much, but where I live, even durable waxes don't last as long as it could (harsh summer heat March-May, heavy monsoon rains and typhoons late May-early September).The shine and slickness stay on much longer.
Speed Interior Detailer-Works real well, works on most interior surfaces (except fabric/cloth of course), or as needed

Still Car Wash
All In One Leather Cleaner and Conditioner in One (Yes, my beloved VLR)
Wax (CG Synthetic) as needed, depending on how your car looks after the frequent spray wax as you dry your car.
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