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Old 11-03-2006
06GTguy 06GTguy is offline
Join Date: Nov 2006
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Default Say it is'nt so! Help!

Ok so I planned on detailing my car this weekend for winter.. I will be driving it all year. Im planned on clay barring it and going through the three step wax.
I washed it... then my bud calls. He tells me its supposed to rain tommorrow with a good chance of rain up unitill Tuesday.
Well.. I know it is just going to get colder from here out pretty much.

Would it be ok to clay bar it and go through the three step wax in the garage?
Wax is supposed to protect against rain correct?
Or do I need it to not rain for a certain number of days?

I dont care if the car gets dirty from raining on it after but I want to make sure that the claybar and three step wax will protect it LONG term STILL.. if it happens to rain later on tonight or tommorrow and I get in it.

Remember if it gets dirty from rain.. dont care.. if it will make it so the job doen't protect it as well or will wash the protect off after four hrs or so of being dry.. I wanna wait..

Old 11-03-2006
SVTContour SVTContour is offline
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Default Re: Say it is'nt so! Help!

Being that your using a carnauba you will be fine. However, if you were using a synthetic product like FX or Reflections I would make sure the car didn't see any water for 24 hours.
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