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Old 06-27-2004
Smoky14 Smoky14 is offline
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: Middle of Nowhere NM.
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Default Where to get?

Living in the middle of nowhere has its down side. I went searching for Mother's plastic polish and drove over 150mi to get to a PepBoys that carried the stuff.
The only bottle on the shelf was broken from a fall; the contents were running out and the stuff was dry and caked. Management says "when this is gone we'll order more" do you want it? Obviously NOT.

I hate to pay more on line to get a product to sample and it can't be doing Mothers any good to have outlets like that selling? their products.

What is the deal? I know I'm angry after driving so far but it really hacks me off to deal with people like that.

Enough said Smoky
Old 06-27-2004
kbshadow kbshadow is offline
Join Date: Mar 2004
Location: Stockton Ca.
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Default Re: Where to get?


I feel your pain, the Pep Boys here is like that, I go the the one in the town 10 miles away and they always have all the Mothers products.

Here is a web site that helps you complain to companies, I sent Pep Boys corporate HQ a nasty letter about their sloppy stocking of Mothers products in our local store.
It may help you.

Old 06-27-2004
Craig B.'s Avatar
Craig B. Craig B. is offline
Chemist, Mothers® Polish
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Location: Huntington Beach CA
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Default Re: Where to get?

I dont like to hear stories like this.....please give me a call at 1800-221-8257....

Old 06-27-2004
Forrest T.'s Avatar
Forrest T. Forrest T. is offline
Mothers® Polish
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Location: St. Louis, MO
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Default Re: Where to get?

Smoky - as a suggestion, please update your profile to include the city/state you're in.

That way, we can suggest closer retail outlets.

Unfortunately, we can't control what happens to be on the shelf on a certain day - Pep's normal shelf stocking quantity is 4 pieces of Plastic Polish, and their stores are restocked once a week. It's just your luck you got there on a bad day.....
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