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Old 04-25-2016
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Default Detailing misinformation (in other enthusiast forum)

Shortly after my wife got her new DD (hey! Daily Driver!) I instinctively joined a message forum (which will respectfully remain unnamed) that catered to owners of GM's Theta (Terrain, Equinox, SRX) platforms. Some of the things I'm reading in their detailing boards are cringe worthy. I've read suggestions on avoiding wax altogether because paint needs to "breathe". There is also an aversion to polishes because it is an "abrasive". One member implies that detailing is for people with nothing better to do, and he'd rather be riding his motorcycle. A recent post suggests using a chamois. Is this a GM state of mind? Because, I've never seen this kind of disregard in Ford forums.

I've got less than a dozen posts under my belt there so I don't want to go in guns blazing. I'm working my way in slowly, but rest assured I'll be plugging the techniques and products I've discovered here.

Admin/mod, please feel free to move this to off-topic if you see fit.
Old 04-25-2016
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Default Re: Detailing misinformation (in other enthusiast forum)

You bring up a very good point. Misinformation repeated enough times becomes "fact" on the internet.

Rather than risk the wrath of those on other forums, maybe point them to threads on detailing forums which show the ease of use of products, and how the value was increased of a vehicle when it was time to trade or sell it.

Baby steps will slowly get the uninformed to see the light.

Or maybe it is just a GM thing........
Old 04-25-2016
Trac_511 Trac_511 is offline
Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: SoCal
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Default Re: Detailing misinformation (in other enthusiast forum)

Hahah. I think it's mostly Equinox Chevy demographic.

The original post from years ago actually has good detailing pointers. Some of the replies since then are what's suspect. I'll gladly share links pointing to the how-to's here.
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