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Old 11-02-2016
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Default Mothers and Mothers California Gold...Is there a difference?

Hello Everyone,

I apologize in advance for asking what is probably a stupid question. However, I am confused. It seems as if there are tiers of Mothers products and I cannot find anything on google or the website to explain it.

So there are:
Mothers Classic
Mothers California Gold
Mothers Power (Self Explanatory)
Mothers Speed
Mothers Marine (Obviously can be excluded from this conversation)
Mothers Professional

Now I have no doubt that Mothers Professional is the best. However, I have a brand new car that I want to keep detailed and looking nice with the reliable and quality brand of Mothers. But, what is better? I am hoping some discernment can be advised, this is at least not the Mothers vs Meguiers conversation! How would you rank the above lines and why? Is Classic a better quality than California Gold or vice versa? I am ready to purchase my entire line of products but really needed to hear from the Mothers faithful first.

Thanks in advance,
Old 11-02-2016
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Default Re: Mothers and Mothers California Gold...Is there a difference?

Welcome to waxforum, and congrats on the new car!

Generally speaking:

Paint Care products (clay, waxes, glaze, wash, etc.) are in the California Gold line.

Classic includes other types of products - wheel care, interior care, etc.

Power are products which use a machine.

Speed are new products, just announced, which require less time and reduced effort and are ideal for folks who don't have the necessary time to care for their vehicle in the traditional manner.

Marine is for boats and RV's.

Professional products in the paint care segment are made for use with a buffer. The balance of the products are chemicals - cleaners, degreasers, etc., used in a professional environment like a body or detail shop. They're not necessarily "better", but made for use in a volume surrounding. You sell lots of large sizes and concentrates here.

Rather than look at sub-brand names, decide what types of products you need. For instance, on a new car you'd probably want:

wash (California Gold)
clay (California Gold)
polish for defect removal (if needed - Professional or California Gold)
paint protection (California Gold)

wheel cleaner (Classic)
tire shine (Back-to-Black, in the Mothers/Classic area)

trim dressing (Back-to-Black, in the Mothers/Classic area)

glass cleaner (Mothers/Classic area)

leather product (if leather interior, in the Mothers/Classic area)

So, let us know the areas you want to address, and we can help with deciding on what products best fit your needs.
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