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Old 08-20-2006
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Default Turtle Wax

Ok Guys:
Just took delivery on my new Navy Blue Maxima!
In two weeks I've noticed a couple small scratches
on the passenger door.

Should I "clay" it first? Also I'd like to add I'm a child of the Sixties: I grew up with "Turtle Wax ". So...Carnuabu vs. Sealent..I'm looking for longevity. I'll be satisified with less shine vs more protection...

Please council me on the exact step by step procedure as well as as "Mother's Products" and or kits
to enable me to to achieve objective.

Thank you in Advance!
Old 08-20-2006
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Default Re: Turtle Wax

Hello to you and welcome.
Just like you, I am a child of the 60's, and grew up in that era only knowing one way to go about car care.
As I found out, things have changed dramatically.
You mentioned that you wanted to go more the 'Protection' route, and to that end, I would advise that you follow the 3 step Ultimate Wax System., which provides the maximum protection, and, more importantly for darker coloured cars, depth and longevity of shine.
The 'detail guide' in the menu at the left of this page shows the procedure, and gives a good guide as to the timing of 'what to do and when'.
Yes, it would be a good idea to 'clay' first, after washing and drying, and a visual guide for clay bar use is also in the menu, at the tab 'reel world' and then scroll down the left side to 'Products and How To' menu.

So, this is the path I would advise.

1. Wash and dry the car.
2. Clay (even, and most probably more important for a new car.)
3. Attend to any scratches but care should be taken here, and prior to doing this have a look at this link and look for what Forrest says at the reply number 8, second from bottom about how to go about this.

4. Step 1 Pre wax cleaner and polish.
5 Step 2. Seal/Glaze
6. Step 3. Pure Carnauba Wax.

All of this is about a days work, but once you see the result, and know in your own mind the level of protection that this offers, it will be well worth having done it like this.

I'm sure that others will come in here and also offer you some good advice. There is always good advice on these Fora.

Another big hint that helped me no end was to work in the shade, and on cool panels, applying the product with foam applicators and cleaning it off with good quality microfibre towels. The job just flew by, and it will be a pleasure just to see how good each stage comes up, especially the silky smooth feel after the clay bar step.

This is a long reply I know, but the job is well worth doing right the first time.
Before you start, have a good look around here first. There are just so many good tips that make the job just so much easier.
Take care, and you'll be as astounded with the results as I was.


"Old man look at my life, I'm a lot like you were."------Neil Young.

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Old 08-20-2006
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Default Re: Turtle Wax


Scratches may need to be addressed differently depending on how deep they are.

Can you see primer?
Can you feel them with your fingernail?
Or are they just on the clearcoat?

If they are only surface scratches, a Scratch Remover product may be in order, followed by your wax product.

Use of the clay bar system is recommended for all new cars.

I think with your deep color of paint, you might like our Reflections Car Wax followed by a layer of Top Coat. These are a synthetic cleaner wax, and a hybrid topcoat offering the benefits of carnauba with the ease-of-use of synthetics... very easy to use.
Old 08-22-2006
headshok2002 headshok2002 is offline
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Default Re: Turtle Wax

If I were to do what TonyfromOZ suggested (which was good advice) I'd skip phase 3 and use a synthetic wax instead. The admin already suggested a couple. Carnauba wax doesn't last very long at all, but it shines incredibly for that short time. :P
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