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Old 01-14-2019
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Default Re: CMX CERAMIC SPRAY COATING - New for 2019!

[QUOTE=Trac_511;31306]I'm curious about using this as a booster. If I used Spray Coating over pure Carnauba wax, will the spray prolong the durability of the Carnauba or will the wax accelerate the spray's deterioration instead?

This is my main question also.

I only use wax/sealants, no ceramic coating or such.

Can this be applied under wax?

On top of wax?

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Old 01-14-2019
rlmccarty2000 rlmccarty2000 is offline
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Default Re: CMX CERAMIC SPRAY COATING - New for 2019!

If applied over wax it would not bond to the paint and would deteriorate faster. If applied under wax you lose the beading and self cleaning properties of the coating. If you are happy with wax just stick to wax. Coatings are made for daily drivers and people looking to do less maintenance. Coatings are for people that don’t want to spend an hour every two months waxing their vehicles.
Old 01-14-2019
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Default Re: CMX CERAMIC SPRAY COATING - New for 2019!

From what I understand it needs to be applied to a bare surface. No wax, oils, etc.

I guess you can top it with a wax but why?
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Old 01-17-2019
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Default Re: CMX CERAMIC SPRAY COATING - New for 2019!

Originally Posted by Don M View Post
So... when is this supposed to hit the shelves? I looked everywhere - and no one even mentions it yet.

CMX is coming early February online, and mid-February at Pep Boys. Mid-March at O'Reilly. Mid-Summer at Autozone.

We can share the good news that Canadian Tire and Walmart Canada are both expected to have it also, but not until late Spring or early Summer.

As soon as you can, order it on amazon U.S., and it will ship as soon as they get it.

MSRP is $21.99 for 24 oz. and we expect it to be about $19.99 on store shelves.
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Old 01-22-2019
Twinbear14 Twinbear14 is offline
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Default Re: CMX CERAMIC SPRAY COATING - New for 2019!

I think this answered my basic question. I enjoy washing and waxing my vehicles and always use straight carnuba wax from Mothers. I'm guessing a ceramic coating spray does nothing to speak of for me.
Old 01-23-2019
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Default Re: CMX CERAMIC SPRAY COATING - New for 2019!

Just can't wait to try this out. I too, like applying carnauba wax, nice as this new coating may be, I'm not that confident that this will bond well over carnauba wax. But it did say it can be used over existing Sealant or Coating, that I am willing to try out when I get my hands on this, apply over a sealant.

Coatings have always mystified me, since I've never tried it before, too expensive for me.
Old 01-24-2019
Duttoncpaa Duttoncpaa is offline
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Default Re: CMX CERAMIC SPRAY COATING - New for 2019!

Has anyone tried CMX on an aircraft? I am planning to do this just as soon as I can get a bottle. I think it will be a big hit for this use!
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