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Old 12-22-2005
nightmarecivicdx nightmarecivicdx is offline
Join Date: Sep 2005
Location: Bridgeton New Jersey
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Exclamation Nice Thought Bad Idea

My dad decided the other day to take my car out to a touch free drive in car wash. Well nice thought bad idea right what should i do should i wash my car should i clay what should i do there was salt on the sides of my car when he took it in should i be worried or what

PS Merry Christmas
Old 12-22-2005
Jim D.'s Avatar
Jim D. Jim D. is offline
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Default Re: Nice Thought Bad Idea

Not sure what your worry is all about... if it looks fine, then no worries.

Winter is tough on a car, no doubt about it. Glad I live (or at least I'm sometimes glad) where it's warm (65 today).

But I see no reason to panic.

You're going to have to take your lumps throughout the winter, whether it's your dad stealing the keys and taking it to the wash, or a big truck tossing-up sludge as you drive down the road.

Wash it and toss some protection on it when you can, but don't lose sleep over it.
Old 12-23-2005
Mama's Boy Mama's Boy is offline
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Default Re: Nice Thought Bad Idea

Yeah. At least it was the touch free. If it was a spinning brush wash you may have some light scratches to worry about, but about the only thing that might be of concern from the touchless is the harshness of the soap. It may reduce the longevity of your LSP, but, as Jim said, put some more wax on it when you can and just ride out the winter.
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Old 12-23-2005
stevo stevo is offline
Join Date: Dec 2005
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Default Re: Nice Thought Bad Idea

Luckily you can buff the scratches out from those spinning brush cleaners without a buffer more then likely.
As far as the salt it depends on alot of things. If its a newer car then your pretty much safe cause you shouldnt have any bare spots. I would still wash the wheel wells out just to be on the safe side. Rust loves salt and if you get a spot up under the fender and chances are you wont catch it soon enough.
If the salt water did land on a bare spot then you should dry it asap and get that fixed.
If its a wide mark you can sand the area with 1000 grit till you get a nice even fill and then smack it with primer or something to cover exposed area. if its a small mark get a touch up pend and make sure you get it all.

Old 12-23-2005
nightmarecivicdx nightmarecivicdx is offline
Join Date: Sep 2005
Location: Bridgeton New Jersey
Posts: 163
Default Re: Nice Thought Bad Idea

I apresheate your help guys thanks a lot so its safe to take it there even though im kind of against it thats cool thanx again merry xmas
Old 12-24-2005
Legendman Legendman is offline
Join Date: Dec 2005
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Default Re: Nice Thought Bad Idea / Touch-free Is A Decent Alternative

Originally Posted by nightmarecivicdx
My dad decided the other day to take my car out to a touch free drive in car wash. Well nice thought bad idea right? what should i do?

As someone who came very close to purchasing a commercial Touch-free Car Wash system -- visiting their manufacturers, numerous car wash installations and talking with soap manufacturers -- I would have to say that there is very little damage, if any, that your car would incur if taken to a properly maintained Touch-free wash.

About the worst outcome I can envision is that over time, your wax job might start to fade a little earlier. This may be because the soap 'soaking dwell time' -- where the soap just sits on the surface and starts to lift off the dirt -- might also start to remove a little of your wax. Opting for the car wash's 'Polish Wax' might neutralize that effect. Believe it or not, a good car wash "Polish" (foam) wax does add gloss and lubricity benefits to your car. No substitute for a good old fashioned hand wax of course, but, the gloss effects are there to see, especially on a dark colored car.

One of the benefits of a Touch-free wash is that only water, soap, and wax are touching your car. There are no brushes, or wash mitts, that could carry dirt, grit, or sand on to your car's finish. It's also very good at removing salt from a car.

Personally, I have used Touch-free's many times before going home to do a complete detail on my car. I prefer to spend my time (and my precious back) on the waxing and polishing -- and less on the washing.

As long as the car wash is well maintained, uses quality products, good water (including spot free rinse), I see no problem for your car whatsoever. This assumes of course that the car is in good condition, has no loose chrome, rust, or anything else that would not stand up to the high pressure water jets.
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